Dear You

dealing with you has become much more of a chore since i found out about the stupid shit you do. much more sadness and frustration and sadness and fewer kicks and giggles. you're not the you i thought you were (and i don't much care for the you you are these days). it feels like we should cut it off before it gets worse. you don't care and it feels like you did but you hit a wall and said: "well, fuck this kid" and you just left. the words you say have no meaning anymore. it all feels like bullshit that yousay just so i'll stick around long enough to help you with your problems when all the shit comes crashing down. then (and only then) will you realize how worthwhile of a person i am. i deserve so much better than guessing you you give a crap. that's not fair to me. so i'll leave while you don't notice. and when all the shit comes crashing down and you come crawling back? it'll be too little too late. i'll be long gone.