I wrote this for You. [i hope you like it]

Before He lies down He grabs a teddy bear
He clutches it close and doesn't let go
He pretends it's Her.
As the tears start to roll down his face
He thinks of Her.
How happy She makes Him.
It helps
But missing Her is too much for His heart to handle.
As He sobs into the fabric
He holds it tighter.
Just wishing that he could be with her.
She's the most amazing girl in the world to Him
He feels invincible when He's with Her.
The sound of Her voice instantly calms Him down.
If only He could hear it in this moment.
His weakest.
The moment He needs it the most.
Her hugs are the best.
Strong and comforting, there are never enough for Him.
Her kisses are magic.
Tender and loving, they leave Him begging for more.
The spaces between His fingers were made for Hers.
Her smile lights up his day.
Looking at Her pictures makes his eyes glimmer.
If only for a second.
There's no place He'd rather be than by Her side every night
Whispering sweet 'I Love You's' into Her ear.
She's everything to Him.
He wants to spend every moment with Her.
But, alas,
She is there
and He is here.
They'll be together someday.
But until then,
He'll just have to hold on to that teddy bear
Until He can hold on to Her once more.


I Need You, Ashley

So last night before i went to bed i kept hoping that you were there waiting. i kept wising that i could sleep next to you and whisper 'I love you' into your ear. i kept wishing that i could kiss you. that i could wrap my arms around you [and never let you go]. i miss you. i miss hugging you and kissing you. i miss the sound of your voice. i miss holding your hand. I Love You. i cannot wait for forever to start with you. it will be amazing. you are amazing. i have never felt this way about anyone before. yo make me feel so good about myself. you have proven me wrong. Someone truly amazing can love me. i am so amazing happy now that you are in my life. I cannot wait to see you. i cannot wait to sleep next to you. i cannot wait to be with you. You're so amazing. kind and caring. beautiful and dorky [in the best possible way]. i cannot get enough of you and all of the amazingness that you have to offer. thank you for all that you have done [the ornaments, and cards and the night we spent together [it's the most amazing night i have ever had]]. just the thought of you makes me smile. I Love You, Ashley Lynn. Every single thing about You. You're the girl of my dreams. you're my final thought before i go to sleep and my first thought when i wake up in the morning. I Love You. I Love You. I Love You.


One Year.

i've only had my Xbox for a year and i managed to aquire 22,780 Gamerscore.
Let's see how much i can get this year.
my goal it to have 50,000 by the end of the year.