Gamerscore year 3

I have had my Xbox for 3 years! As of dec. 31, 2011 I have 59,322 gamerscore. Falling well below my goal of 75,000. Buying a PS3 in October certainly didn't help anything. My goal for the end of this year is still 75,000. Let's see if I can make it this time.


Gather The Dust.

Kinect was a failure buy. we don't play it at all. about an hour or so was spent playing Kinect Adventures and nothing about it was great. The Gunstringer still interests me but we'll see if i ever put in the effort to plug it in and play.


Let's give this a shot.

Kinect came out on November 4th last year and i have been kicking and screaming about it since it's release (and in some cases even before). About how there won't be any hardcore games for it and it'll just be another Wii. my interest has grown over the last few months with games like The Gunstringer, Forza 4, Halo Anniversary, and Tintin the game either supporting or exclusively using KInect i started wondering what it's all about. As it turns out Ashley's cousin wanted to get rid of his for the low price of 50 bucks. so we took him up on the offer. it sits on our coffee table now waiting to be used. Kinect Fun Labs has just finished downloading. The show is about to begin...